Take me out to the ball game…

Braves Game

My sister and I at a Braves game last summer.

Since moving to Atlanta, I’ve only been to a few Braves games but I’m always wanting to go to more. There’s nothing more fun than to hit up a Braves game on a weekend and just spend the day hanging out with friends, drinking Sweet Water, and eating some baseball food.

I have been loving Krista Robertson’s new series on her blog Covering the Bases. She’s been posting outfit posts for each MLB team, including menswear ideas and guest bloggers. It’s such a great idea and I’ve been checking her blog everyday to catch the new look! Get it? Catch :P

Krista hasn’t gotten to the Braves, yet, but she got me thinking about what I like to wear to Braves games. Baseball style forks in two different directions for me; casual fun and girly (think SEC football game).

Braves Casual Baseball Style | www.flonmymind.com This outfit is cute and spirited while still being practical for a sporting event. The cross body bag keeps you hands free and the koozie will keep your beer cold. My Target has tons of Braves gear, including glitter koozies, so it’s easy to dress in the team colors. Old Navy also has MLB merch that’s pretty affordable including the v-neck shown. While perusing Polyvore, I saw the Alex and Ani bracelet which is such a cute touch.

Braves Girly Baseball style | www.flonmymind.com

This outfit looks very put together but it would be so comfortable for a summer night. I wish Lilly Pulitzer still made this Cassie dress. I have it in green and it’s a great way to look cute without having to deal with straps, buttons and zippers. I think it would look great with a red statement necklace and your trusty cross body bag and jacks. When I’m wearing something like this, I think a a hat or koozie with the logo is a nice touch and really pulls the look together.

I also think this would be a great date night look to watch the game. By the way, a baseball game would be such a fun date! I need to figure out a way to get asked to one. ;)

Have you been to a baseball game this season? What do you like to wear to the ball park? Let me know in the comments below!

 P.s. if you want to wear a new pair of Jack Rogers, check out the Marley Lilly + Jack Rogers Ultimate Monogram Sweepstakes. The contest ends tomorrow, April 16th, so enter today!


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Spring Cleaning: Patio Makeover

Patio Makeover | www.flonmymind.com

I think I’ve become an adult. I spent the whole day Saturday cleaning my patio and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I decided to renew my lease. So since I’ll be here for another year, I wanted to actually start using my outdoor space and make it a nice outdoor area for lounging and entertaining.

I had almost everything already but I did buy some new plants and a little table. This transformation is practically all elbow grease.

Patio Before | www.flonmymind.com

I wish I did a true before picture but this is what my patio looked like after I started to sweep and clean stuff off. It was gross. All the plants were dead. Dirt and pollen was everywhere and the grill needed to be cleaned.

And here are the afters!

Patio After 1 | www.flonmymind.com

Patio After 2 | www.flonmymind.com

Patio Flowers 1 | www.flonmymind.com      Patio Flowers 1 | www.flonmymind.com

I swept and mopped the floor and cleaned the grill. After that I went to Ikea to get the cute little table and then I headed to the Home Depot to get some plants. I got a cherry tomato, regular tomato, two strawberry plants, mint and some annuals. I only spent $15 which wasn’t too bad since plants are always pricey.

After buying everything, I just wanted to lounge on the couch. But I was determined to finish. I planted everything, swept and mopped again (potting soil and I don’t get along) and then basked in the glory of such a nice patio.

I can’t wait to hang out on the patio on the weekends and start using the grill. I can definitely see myself chilling out there in the mornings with a cup of coffee and reading blogs on my iPad. It’s like I have a whole new room in my apartment.

Do you have any spring cleaning projects? Let me know in the comments below!


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March Instagram Recap

It may be a rainy day today, but spring has been blooming all over my Instagram account. It’s just been so pretty lately. I’m glad the cold finally started to dissipate so we can enjoy the spring blooms here in Atlanta. Splashes of white, pink, and purples have been lining the Atlanta streets and dotting the landscape of Piedmont Park.

So, safe to say, most of the pictures in this post are flowers or things I saw when I was outside. Hopefully spring has been treating you as well as it’s been treating me!

If you want to see more of my Instagram adventures follow me at @njoben.

Piedmont Park Flowers | www.flonmymind.com  Beltline Street Art | www.flonmymind.com

Left: At the beginning of March, spring was just starting to bloom in Midtown. I took this pic on one of my walks around the neighborhood.
Right: I walked the Beltline and found this fun street art. Cheeseburger and fries? Yes, please!

Caribou Coffee | www.flonmymind.com OOTN | www.flonmymind.com

Left: After a particularly hard barre class, I bought some Caribou Coffee and lounged on a bench in Piedmont Park. Sometimes living in Midtown has its perks.
Right: I went to Two Urban Licks with a friend and thought I looked cute so I posted this #OOTN. Would you want to see outfit posts from me? I’m flirting with the idea of doing some OOTD posts on my blog.

Pink House Press | www.flonmymind.com  Ritas | www.flonmymind.com

Left: I won a giveaway from Probably Polka Dots for these cute Pink House Press items and I’m obsessed with them. I’m not sure where to hang the print yet but I know that koozie will get a lot of use this summer.
Right: When it’s the first day of spring, one must get some free Rita’s Italian Ice. I got the oreo kind and added some custard. It was delicious!

Piedmont Park Blooms | www.flonmymind.com  Yoforia| www.flonmymind.com

Left: You guessed it, more blooms from Piedmont Park. This time I went to walk around with one of my friends. The Dogwood Festival is at the park next weekend. I think I’m going to walk around and see what kind of free samples I can get (no shame).
Right: After the walk around the park, I broke Lent and got some froyo. Yoforia is all organic so it tricks you into you thinking it’s good for you. Organic cheesecake is still cheesecake. Nevertheless, this was delicious.

What have you been doing to ring in spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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My Beach Essentials

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today. Life is good today.

This Easter, I’m taking the long road trip back home to SWFL to visit my mom and I seriously CANNOT WAIT.

Sanibel IslandVia Pinterest

Growing up in Florida, I was always 30 minutes away from a beach. There is water everywhere. I even had to take a bridge to go to my high school. Atlanta has lakes but nothing beats the Gulf.

In high school, during the summer, I would go to the beach almost every weekend. Since I went so often, I’ve edited my beach bag to only the essentials.

Here’s what I pack in my beach bag when I want to visit the beach. 

My Beach Essentials | www.flonymind.com



Large beach towel: The larger the better. There’s nothing worse than getting sand all over you when you’re trying to tan. A huge beach towel helps to keep you, and your stuff, sand-free.

Frozen water: Frozen water is a must for the beach. This one is kind of a no brainer for me. It keeps your snacks and other drinks cold and when it starts to melt you have ice cold water. It really helps on a hot day.

Sunscreen: This is another no brainer. I normally bring one for my body and a higher SPF for my face. Sometimes, I layer tanning oil on after the sunscreen because who doesnt want to glisten and smell like a coconut?

Snacks: Out of my group of friends, I’m always the only person who ever brings snacks. So I always bring tons. I really like to bring frozen grapes and baby carrots to the beach. I also like granola bars, like these Kind bars. They’re just something easy to toss into your bag and keep you full until dinner.

Fully charged iPod/Phone: The beach is just better with some beach tunes. Bonus points if you bring a sneaker! I love to make a beachy country playlist at the beginning of the summer. Kenny Chesney just puts me in the mood to bronze, lol. Comment below if you would like for me to make one before I leave for Easter!

Cover-ups: When I go to the beach, I normally head there in an easy dress (Like a Lilly Pulitzer slub dress) and leave  in norts and a sorority shirt. I really want these Lauren James shorties that I added to my graphic. Hopefully, I can end up snagging myself a pair before the summer.

What’s in your beach bag? Do you bring something that I should add to my essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sister Fun

Venti iced coffees, trips to the Lilly store, walking around the neighborhood and greasy burgers describe this last week perfectly. My sister took a break from grad school and spent the week with me here in Atlanta.

We always have fun together and this week was no exception. We walked around my neighborhood, shopped for some spring fashions in Buckhead and explored different restaurants around the city.

Here’s a little Instagram recap to see what we were up to. 

Tulips in Midtown Atlanta | www.flonmymind.com  Stone Mountain Summit | www.flonmymind.com

Left: My sister was here for the week but I only got Thursday and Friday off. After work one day, we walked around Midtown. The tulips are blooming all over the city and I had to take a picture of these hot pink ones. Spring is finally in the air here in Atlanta.

Right: Can you spot my apartment? JK! On Thursday we hiked Stone Mountain and here’s a picture of the Atlanta skyline from the top. It took us a little under an hour to get to the top and back (we took lots of breaks). After this, we were craving a venti iced coffee. I think we got iced coffee almost every day she was here.

Taqueria Del Sol | www.flonmymind.com  Jenis Ice Cream | www.flonmymind.com

Left: After Stone Mountain, we met up with one of my friends at Taqueria Del Sol on the westside. I’ve been to the one in Decatur but I’ve never been to this location before. I think I might have to switch it up and go to this one more often. It’s in the Westside Provisions District which is full of fun, trendy shops and restaurants. It’s definitely the place to be in Midtown.

Right: After tacos, we had to have some Jeni’s Ice Cream. My best friend from Nashville raves about this Colombus chain and I was excited to finally get to try it. I got banana french toast and goat cheese with red cheries. Both were amazing!!

The Varsity | www.flonmymind.com  Sweet Water Brewery | www.flonmymind.com

Left: On Friday we ended up doing some shopping and playing tourist. Alice’s friend Taylor came up to Atlanta and we met her at The Varsity. Can you believe this was my first time? It was good but slightly pricey for greasy fast food. I’m glad I finally got to try the Atlanta landmark.

Right: We spent our Friday at Sweet Water Brewery. Sweet Water is the perfect place to visit in Atlanta for happy hour. It’s only $10 and comes with a souvenir Sweet Water pint glass and 6 tasting tickets! We got special edition Sweet Water 420 Fest glasses during this visit.

Virginia Highlands | www.flonmymind.com   Yeah! Burger | www.flonmymind.com


Left: On the drizzly Saturday, we decided to walk to Virginia Highlands to check out the boutiques. I took this pic on our walk. The trees are blooming everywhere here. I only live about a mile from the main VaHi thoroughfare so it was didn’t take us too long to get over there.

Right: Our first stop was Yeah! Burger which was delicious. I got a turkey burger with goat cheese, arugula, onions, tomatoes, and bacon jam. It was a great combo. I also got a  50/50 side of sweet potato fries and onion rings. I’m going to be adding Yeah! Burger to one of my favorite places to go in Atlanta. It’s just too good!

Hanging out with my sister was great. I can’t wait to go back home for Easter and spend more time with her and hang out with my mom. We already have our beach days planned. Can April 17th come sooner?! I miss the Florida sun!


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Kiss Me I’m Irish

I know St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday but, let’s face it, this drinking holiday is celebrated on the weekend.

I’m going to be going to a parade and then day drinking all day with some friends so I want to wear something casual and festive but still cute (for all of these Instagram posts). Here’s what I’m thinking about wearing.

St. Patricks Day Style | www.flonmymind.com

Polyvore Set

I have a green top that I’m going to pair with jeans. I wish I can pair it with that orange necklace from Bauble Bar but I sadly don’t have it. (It’s going on my wishlist for sure!) So, I’ll probably end up wearing some cheap beads. I’m going to be wearing boots in case it gets muddy and a cute cross body so I can be hands free.

I’m also going to Target tonight in hopes of finding some cute buttons and maybe a koozie. Hopefully, it isnt sold out of St. Patrick’s Day stuff by the time I get there.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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Spring Forward

Is it bad that I still haven’t gotten used to the time change? At least Daylight Savings Time means something more than just lost sleep… SPRING IS HERE!

Granted, it will be a little too chilly in Atlanta tomorrow for my taste but the past few days have been beautiful. And now that the sun doesn’t set until seven, I can take a walk in Piedmont Park after work before it gets dark.

Spring also means Spring fashion. My mind has made the shift from North Face jackets and boots to pastels and Lilly. Check out some of the Spring items that are making my shopping wish list!

Spring Forward | www.flonmymind.com

Striped Oxford Pullover // Cork Saddlebag // Georgica Sandal // Morrison Lace Overlay Dress // Lola Skimmer // Nautical Flag Scarf // Tortoise Maxine Cuff

Do you have anything that you HAVE to buy this Spring? What do you think of your favorite stores’ Spring Lines? Let me know in the comments below!

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